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Michael Jackson will was definitely interesting in the sense that it was private and made it clear what he wanted. He left everything left over into his inter vivos trust from his testamentary will otherwise known as a pour-over. He left everything to his family; which to him was his 3 children and his mom. He did manage to excluded and it made it clear to excluded his former wife and father for whatever reason he choose. I believe i would want a will similar to Michael Jackson will because it maintain privacy which is hard to do as a celebrity. Another reason I believe Michael Jackson will is great because he left everything to the people he truly loved. I would loved to see some of things he owned because he was such a odd man. Odd people are known for having the some of the best collectable. I thought it was funny how he made sure toĀ  not to include his former wife from getting anything. I believe Michael Jackson had a lot trust in his executors because his estate was worth a lot money. I believe Michael made pour-over because he didn’t want his children or family to be publicized like how he was. IĀ pretty much likeĀ his will because it’s simple and he maintain privacy which isĀ very hardĀ for anyone to do especially someone as big asĀ Michael Jackson.