My name is Magi Hossameldin and I am a full-time student at New York City of Technology and a full-time barista at Juice Generation.

My life changed when I decided what I planned on doing for the rest of my life; choosing my major. The day I decided to fly all the way from Egypt to New York City to study Communication Design. Which  is uncommon for a Middle Eastern Female to travel study and live abroad without any family whatsoever. Although I went to a high school that is way far from being equipped with smart devices and design programs. It was hard that I selectively chose to leave my family and beloved ones and move to NYC seeking out a new, better and a more promising future for myself in a city that goes the same speed as I go. I can’t imagine until now that I got to take a step -this life changing- in my life.

Moving out of the comfort zone does not happen at ease. It needs determination. I still have not accomplished my dream but I am proud for paving the ground towards success and being halfway to achieving my dreams and self-actualization. Adapting with diverse cultures is not easily attainable, yet; it serves our good purposes if it is wisely availed.


I will be documenting the evolution of my art here and sharing with you my artistic .


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