Assignment K – Project 02 Reflection

Assignment K – Project 02 Reflection      
  • In this Project 02 final presentation I learned a lot involving many of the aspects with the site. Starting from the diagrammatic analysis really gave me a sense of what will be the reasons surrounding why we position things the way we do. The process including a grid which gave the house more of a meaning and understanding the functionality throughout the house guided me to my final result? While I managed to achieve good comments, the feedback was mostly focused on the site plan which needed to back up your house design by showing a connection to both. Overall what I will do to improve my work is focused on how can my site provide me information to guide me through my design process, with the site & climate analysis it will give me my reasons why things are the way they are. Also having a structural format/grid to give me a path, is something that I will use to benefit my future designs.

Assignment F – Reflection

Assignment F - Reflection

My presentation went well, got a lot of feedback and comments based on my format and specific diagrams. The good feedback involved my solar diagram being very well articulated to the viewers & having a consistent form of layout in which my viewers can all understand from were I start my analysis and take it from. When the feedback came I got a lot more knowledge on how I can take my diagrams to the next level, like using so & so techniques to improve my diagrams. Also I got comments on how I should be thinking when I diagram like my setbacks in relation to the cold. From my review towards the end I decided to work with my diagram incorporating “Stacking”. With this diagram I will manipulate each level in there own unique way using programmatic functions throughout the structure. This will give me a way to iterate my way through my design & help me understand the fundamentals that go into a structure.

Assignment C – Climate Strategies

Assignment C - Climate Strategies
  • Windbreak designs with foliage/trees
  • Orientation of the floor plates depending on the sun
  • Maximize absorption of solar radiation
  • Solar radiation warms southeastern views
  • Materials such as wood, metal, brick wall should be used, not concrete
  • Isolated gain systems which allow more solar radiation the be stored into thermal energy accompanied by a circulating venting system
  • Utilizing louver to allow light inside depending on the angle & orientation placed
  • Wood, slate, or asphalt shingles into considerations
  • South facing windows should be more with more sunlight exposure
  • Metal roofs are option but not to elegant
  • The height of rooms because of the cold climate to keep hot air on the bottom
  • Multiple layer of rigid insulation & double glazed windows to keep frost outside of window sill
  • Chimney with a fireplace