Assignment V – Project 03 Library Reflection

Assignment V - Project 03 Library Reflection
  • To start off project 3 we as a class went to study & analyze the site given to us in many ways to incorporate the outside vs inside forces that enforce our design towards the library. While keeping the site in mind I worked with space of the site to give me a reference of how big my indoor spaces need to be. Also with there being a structural grid throughout the project this made the project more challenging for me. Manipulating the grid in a way that can define spaces through the structure gave me more of a understanding of how structural columns can play a role in how slabs connect and reinforce each other. I got very good feedback accompanied by some great advice for most of my future projects which was to never forget about the structural grid and always understand how spaces relate not just to the inside but also to the outside forces of the site. Taking in everything I learned in this project, I will recollect all the advice given to me and continue to apply the design processes I learned this summer semester for future tasks.