City Limits: Summary

First off I would like to say that this Reading is very interesting, because We are experiencing on what the author Colson Whitehead is trying to convey, he tries to explain to us that we are in a very productive city and nothing is going to change it. Everything is changing around us and especially around this time where technology is growing in an incredible rate. Something as small as a grocery store can make an impact on us through our memories just by being in it.Then years later we come back and its changed into a bank. Colson gives a lot of contradiction in his ” New York”. He does this deliberately to show us that we have our own New York and the way we look at things through our memories is New York but at the same time its not, in someone else’s eyes. A good quote to help explain my summary would be ” I’m here because I was born here and thus ruined for anywhere else, but I don’t know about you”. This is very firm and straight to the point.Peoples own New York never dies as long as we never forget it.

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