This is an open-access platform for anyone who wants to understand the principles of microeconomics. This platform is suitable both for economics and non-economics majors. It gives an overview of economics as a social science for those wishing to learn the basics of economics and of problem solving methods and tools in economics to be able to think on and perform critical and innovative tasks in their area of expertise or discipline at all. It also provides a solid grounding in the theoretical and analytic principles used in microeconomic theory while offering a fresh understanding the economic complexities of the twenty-first century for those wishing to pursue further education in Economics.

The Economy, a text for introductory undergraduate Economics courses is used in this course. It focuses on empirical data and real-world examples, and updates the curriculum to incorporate the best of modern economics research. It is CORE’s free, open educational resource.

The Economy is not available as a PDF document. To purchase a print version please visit the Oxford University Press website.

An app version of The Economy, for free offline reading on mobile devices and e-readers, is available on the Google Play store for Android devices. The Apple version is due to be released shortly.