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Hello, I’m from the Dominican Republic. I’m studying hospitality and management. I love to help others and to cook. I’m friendly, responsible and I like to meet new people and learn from different cultures. That’s one of the things that I love about NYC, that you have the chance to meet different people from all over the world. That’s the reason why they call this city the capital of the world. I would like to be a chef and have my own business as an event planner.

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Dining Room Operations

Dining Room Operations

Procedural, customer and staff perspectives involved in the provision of quality service as practiced in a dining room laboratory. Student rotation through dining room service positions with emphasis on responsibilities of planning, producing and evaluating service. Practice of proper safety and sanitation methods. Critique of restaurant service.

HMGT1101 D400 Sp2019

HMGT1101 D400 Sp2019

SUSTAINABILITY IN HOSPITALITY – This learning community will introduce the 21st Century relevance of sustainability in the hospitality industry and incorporating the concept connecting the various foundations taught in these two introductory management classes. Connections will be made as students investigate their career options and widen their scope of industry knowledge. Students will learn how to establish a professional electronic profile and simulate a career exploration search.

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