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Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging

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Research & Documentation for the Information Age

Research & Documentation for the Information Age

This course explores research and documentation for all media formats including text, images, sound, and multimedia. Students will explore information issues, especially in terms of their relevance today: how information is produced and organized in both traditional and emerging media, how information access is affected by political, economic and cultural factors, and the ethics of information use. Students will also acquire the practical skills of locating information sources in a variety of media and formats, critical evaluation of sources, and documentation and citation of traditional and emerging media and technologies. Students will apply what they learn to create and present research and documentation projects.

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Resources Matcher app(LIB 1201Group 3)

Resources Matcher app(LIB 1201Group 3)

It is a headache when students need to find a lot of sources for their research. During the process of doing research papers, there is a great deal of information to shift through such as scholarly sources, internet sources, news sources, primary sources. No student has time to go through all these sources that does not help with the exact information they are looking for. It can result in irrelevant data being found which is frustrating if students’ source is not much what they are looking for. Nobody wants to make this dreadful and time consuming mistake. Our research software- Resource Matcher, that we developed can handle this. It can quickly scan all your sources, then give you the percentage to closely match the student’s topic with the sources which shows an overview of the data like an abstract. The app can efficiently save students’ time.

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