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Xu Dong
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Computer Systems Technology

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ENG 2400 Films from Literature

ENG 2400 Films from Literature

A course about the changes written stories go through to create film translations. D550 Fridays 11:30 – 2:00 This course will allow students to examine the relationship between film and their literary sources. Through classroom discussions and out-of-class assignments, students will analyze classic and contemporary literary texts and their cinematic versions. Students will examine the relationship between film and literature, with specific focus on the techniques used in fiction, drama and film and the influences of censorship and society. Students will focus on the similarities and differences of literary works adapted into films.

My Projects

Hardcore Shootout

Hardcore Shootout

This app me and my partners designed is call, Hardcore Shootout. This game’s task is to shoot a basketball into the hoop as much as you can and theres no time limit to it. To shoot the ball in you will need to swipe up towards the basket. The hoop will be moving side to side in a certain amount of speed and your goal is to aim at the basket and shoot the basketball in it. There is no win or lose in this game so basically everyone is a winner so there should be no arguments about who’s better and who’s not. This game will be a fun and entertaining game which can test one’s aiming skills.

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