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ENG1121 Composition II (D397), Spring 2022

ENG1121 Composition II (D397), Spring 2022

ENG 1121 aims at further developing your reading, writing, and analytical skills while fostering awareness of your own literacy practices. Our focus will be to learn how to successfully asses and adapt to different writing contexts, also known as rhetorical situations. To this end, ENG 1121 provides you with ample opportunities to analyze the rhetorical choices of authors, and then practice authoring your own compositions in the writing styles and mediums that you deem are most effective, given the unique writing situation and the audience being addressed. Along the way, you will engage in metacognitive thinking, or personal reflection, about who you are as a writer, what your beliefs about writing have been and are becoming, what your personal process is, and how you might be able to transfer that process to other courses and even into the work world.



This class will prepare you for the world beyond the campus walls. You will become a better communicator, comfortable writing on different platforms and in different styles and tones. There will be lots of writing and really interesting discussions. Lots of note-taking is key! Prepare to be challenged, and to challenge us, too.

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