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ENG2570, E282, Spring 2016

ENG2570, E282, Spring 2016

In ENG2570, we will hone writing skills that are often used in the workplace. Through eight units of study, we will create various deliverables (business letters, memos, minutes, process papers, and reports) and think through how best to harness the power of word choice, tone, approach, revision, and follow-through. • unit 1: annotation, MLA citation, best practices • unit 2: organization • unit 3: revision • unit 4: audience and purpose • unit 5: process project • unit 6: reports • unit 7: meetings and collaboration • unit 8: reflection and presentation Units 2-4 and 6-7 will require the preparation of short response papers that reflect an understanding of one or more of the deliverables named above. Unit 5 will culminate in the creation of a process project, and unit 8 will result in self-reflection and a brief presentation.

MAT2572ProbW/Stat, SP2016

MAT2572ProbW/Stat, SP2016

Topics for the course include sample spaces and probabilities, discrete distributions (Binomial, Negative Binomial, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Poisson, and Gamma), continuous distributions (Uniform, Normal, Chi-squared), expectation and variance, hypothesis testing, interval estimation and confidence intervals. There will be extensive use of MS Excel and R, a statistical software program. At the end of the course, students should be able make meaningful connections between statistics and other areas of study, including and social sciences.

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