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Unit 3 Project Reflection

Unit 3 Project Reflection

During my first semester as a freshman, I learned a lot about writing my papers in the correct form. This class showed me how to write like a professional. The professor saved me many times even through my rough patch and life. I’m taking care of my family and still trying to get through life as hard as it is. One thing my mom and sister helped as well is motivating me to do better, this semester isn’t the best and nothing will ever be perfect but I’m sure the next semester will be better. After this course, I feel much more confident about my work and writing skills, and my papers and articles in a form that people could understand my point, which Is the best part of taking this course. I am very glad that I took this class in my first semester and first year of college. Considering I started with this class in my first semester, I will be prepared more in the future knowing I can trust my reading and writing skills with Grammarly. This semester as a freshman, I have learned that to be a great writer you must take your time reading and figuring out how to understand the text. Once you master reading and revising your work and others, you’ll have experience from learning as you read others’ work and learn from their mistakes such as grammar or understanding of what they’re writing about. You can also take notes on their successes. Another thing that helps me tremendously is receiving reviews about my work from my teacher and classmates. My classmates let me know what I need to change about my writing to make my paper look more professional and presentable and understandable. All it takes is one peer to change my paper from decent to great. Even if it is my punctuation or my lack of proper grammar. Back in high school, my teacher used to explain to me that in college, there would be no one to make sure that you pass and you are on your own. I agree to a certain degree, my peers helped me through this semester to learn from mistakes and change. This is the point of community and teamwork. When writing about my unit 2 project, I learned how to correctly cite my sources and pick the correct genre. I have learned the proper way of citing my sources without plagiarism. When using an article or a YouTube video, I made sure to cite those sources correctly to avoid plagiarism. This allowed me to learn the importance of citing my sources correctly and taught me right from wrong when writing my assignments and papers. As I was writing about my topic I wanted to teach my audience about how people can learn survival tactics to keep themselves safe and alive. I would always daydream when I was younger about zombie apocalypses and that gave me the idea of survival in reality. I would assume my audience would be people who want to learn how to adjust to natural disasters. Knowledge is something that we sometimes underestimate, therefore this topic is a perfect fit for everybody. No matter the age, everyone should know how we could use unity and resources, and environment to better our chances of survival, When it was time for me to pick a good genre, I wanted something that would make people interested in learning and reading about my topic. Therefore the genre I have chosen was YouTube videos. I personally love to learn through cool videos that have sound effects that make the video more interesting for me to learn about. I would like my reader/audience to have a shorter summary in the words of the video to make the idea easier for them to try to make a plan of survival that suits their environment. I believe that people would much rather get a shorter summary than just sit there and wait for tips and survival ideas. I intended to grab the best video to match each of its contexts. So when readers are reading my work, they will be able to see a video that matches exactly what you are reading. By doing this, I have hoped my audience will be more intrigued by my writing and would want to learn more. When I Look back at my work, I can see how I have changed for the better. When I compare my“DEJ” about “The Mother Tongue” back in week 3 to my recent “DEJ” about “Annoying ways people use sources” in week 12, I notice a big difference. My writing looks much more professional than it did before. My grammar and use of punctuation have improved drastically. An example of this is how I used to answer my thoughts on the quote. I didn’t care much and then I started to put myself in the narrator’s shoes. Expressing your words is communicating your language, I speak 2 languages, and I’m trying to learn how to read and write in Arabic. To sum up, everything stated so far and end, this past semester, I have learned so much from this class. As the weeks went on the work got harder and getting the work done got even harder. Every assignment pushed me to become not just a better writer but a better reader as well. there were times when I had so much work I had to do, to the point where I lost faith in myself in not just completing my work and assignments on time but being able to complete them for the most part. Times were tough for sure, but once you push through those hard times, you’ll see how much you have learned. I’m a religious person and there is a narration where the prophet Muhammad peace is upon him explained, If there were to be no hard times in this world then heaven would have no worth. That goes for every hard thing not just work

Unit 2 Bibliography on Natural Disasters

Unit 2 Bibliography on Natural Disasters

What preparations has the US government made for a large-scale natural disaster? this topic of the scenery of catastrophe from a young age has been loved by many from a young age. Watching zombie shows that talk about humans and the disasters they faced together. tsunamis, pandemics, and ice ages. Many love watching survival movies and always have a bit of extra time to view them. people prepare for disasters and manage their resources wisely. However, many enjoy watching movies and being fearful of how these scenes play out freaks many. imagine your own family becoming zombies and all that can be done is kill them to survive. Even with that gruesome image, imagine caring for a child while protecting your own life. all of the obstacles one faces are hard to bear. Imagine being in the middle of a world war and the climate is changing due to fallout causing all life to vastly die out due to starvation or from harmful chemicals. In this day and age, many things can go wrong in science and could cause a massive outbreak like covid again or even worse an ice age all over again. Even at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a male had so much infection in his brain that he killed a relative. Scientists showed conspiracy that being infected with covid caused him to react in a zombie-like manner. The information expected is the code laws and protocols that the government has put into place when an emergency such as a zombie apocalypse occurs. bunkers is a hot topic when it comes to survival. The US government has even jumped on the topic of bunkers, many have been made in many states for government officials, secretaries, higher power, billionaires, and the President. The horrific downside of every single bunker made by the US, no children are allowed in, only adults. In 2020 the US government showed a code for an outbreak pandemic viral initiative coded for 8888. This code is for apocalypses; the government is preparing for the worst, and we must as well. genres that could be used are, genre reports, blogs, and Data reports. Other genres, could be non-fiction since the likelihood of a real-life zombie apocalypse is growing every year. This topic could also fit in the description of fiction, the probability of zombies rising from their graves to eat all humans and close to impossible. The Government’s ability to involve itself is what makes the chances of survival high. This section of evidence from ‘Response actions are organized under the National Response Framework.'” shows that the government does take on plans for disasters when they occur. in this quote, this article is just explaining how disasters are handled by the government. who takes on what orders when ordered by the government to protect society.”When a disaster is declared, the Federal government, led by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), responds at the request of, and in support of, States, Tribes, Territories, and Insular Areas and local jurisdictions impacted by a disaster.” Later, the paper confirms this by stating that, “The government appoints a group of emergency services to respond and take action.” By U.S. Department of the Interior 1849 C Street NW, Washington, DC 2024 (https://www.doi.gov/recovery) The government does always get involved with disasters, and aid from special organizations like the Red Cross help with their response. “responding to disasters and emergencies requires the cooperation of a variety of organizations; the larger or more complex the incident, the greater the number and variety of organizations that must respond. Think of a residential fire: Firefighters are leading the charge; public works may be on the scene providing traffic control; police are providing security; emergency medical services personnel are triaging, transporting, and redistributing injured to local hospitals; and a local nonprofit or voluntary organization (e.g., American Red Cross and Salvation Army) may be on hand to assist displaced residents. For large disasters, such as major hurricanes or earthquakes, the incident complexity is increased as others—such as states or tribes and, ultimately, the Federal Government—become involved. Businesses, voluntary organizations, and other elements of the private sector are also key stakeholders, providing the essential services that must be restored following an incident. The NRF provides the foundation for how these organizations coordinate, integrate, and unify their response.” This quote from the National Response Framework Homeland Security 2019 guidebook brings out the idea of unity, the idea of how organizations help each other, the author of this quote did a great job by giving a direct example. Firefighters are the first responders to situations, public workers will be helping out with the traffic situations. the point of the quote is to show that there’s teamwork. to get stuff done there’s always a faster and better way to do it, it’s with the help of others. By Homeland security (https://www.fema.gov/sites/default/files/2020-04/NRF_FINALApproved_2011028.pdf Bunkers are being built by the government in case all protocols fail. “Raven rock the US government’s plan to save itself while the rest of us die…your list includes high-ranking government officials, your cabinet leaders, your congressional leadership member of the supreme court, as well as top aids, you know white house staff.” YouTube news report video from the inside edition “See Top Secret Bunker Where 70,000 Americans Will Go In Event Of Nuclear Bomb.” The United States government has made bunkers across the country to protect the high of the nation. the bunkers made by the US were made to protect the important people of the nation while the others perish. many people have the opportunity to be on the list to be able to enter the bunkers but they are only people with power. Many Americans have taken this into their own hands and made plans to survive disasters on their own. These bunkers made by the US contain hundred of food resources, weapons, and other necessary equipment to survive disasters. By Inside Editio (https://www.google.com/search?q=inside+edition+top+secret+bunker&safe=active&client=safari&rls=en&sxsrf=ALiCzsYanautHPKNG7lmjJbXaC0UDaibTA:1669592973025&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwijh87Axs_7AhUbGlkFHT7JCC8Q_AUoAXoECAEQAw&biw=1470&bih=840&dpr=2#fpstate=ive&vld=cid:faa2c16d,vid:bp-_MbpWKpc Planning ahead of time with people whom you trust is a great way to enhance your chances of survival.”Every family should have an emergency plan that addresses the most likely disasters in their region. Practical survival skills should also be part of every family’s game plan. These skills need to be learned and practiced before things get tough because you simply won’t have time to read a survival book or watch a how-to video amid a crisis. Get some first aid training, find out how to cook without utilities, learn to source and disinfect water, and figure out different ways to heat and cool at least one room in your home.” according to the National Geographic news article, having a plan in this day in age is great to survive and thrive through disasters. Whether they are natural or unnatural. Having knowledge of how to cook and clean yourself is extremely needed to survive a large disaster. in all internet cuts out how is the best way to survive? Different households will be different scenarios, so having a plan with your family might save your life if it depends on it. By National Geographic (https://www.nationalgeographic.com/adventure/article/how-to-survive-natural-disaster-storm-hurricane-expert-tips) To conclude disasters aren’t extremely common in all areas of the country but that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Being cautious is what makes survival worth it and possible. Learning from these sources showed how a lot of the disasters are taken control by the government. They send out support through large organizations to help areas. Firefighters, police officers, Red Cross, and other emergency services all provide a level of protection and safety when it comes to disasters. It just takes the government to fund their missions. Even the US government has made plans for if all plans for disasters fail. Bunkers were made in lower populated parts of the US. Away from large cities where natural and unnatural issues could occur. The problem for these bunkers is for the Rich and those who have power, so having a plan in each household is essential to surviving. Reviewers Memo; 1)When writing this bibliography I intended to bring awareness to what happens when disasters occur, who handles them, and so on. I want people to know who will handle dangerous situations that can happen to the best of us. 2)I feel really good about his project because it got my point across to some people including me I never truly experienced a disaster as I see on the news and it’s good for others to know about what happens outside our homes. 3)I have a question for the viewer: if there’s something specific that’s confusing, what is it? Did anyone already know all these facts stated? Did you enjoy reading the bibliography?

Unit 1 Essay ”Schools Education”

Unit 1 Essay ”Schools Education”

School has become one of the most frustrating things for me. I used to think the opposite until I learned slowly that the education system has fallen apart. It all starts with school. People such as the elderly and parents all love talking about how great school is yet no one from the youth can agree. The older generation always brings up excuses as being our problems. “Oh when I was your age, I used to walk many miles just to get to the school.” Truth is I DON’T CARE! We live in a new society where technology is the center of our world. We need this “gadget that’s addictive,” to live. The problems faced by students attempting to learn is a crisis that is causing future generations to choose another way to get through life than school. It all starts with Youtube. This was about 2017 during the winter time. School was an average experience. I was about 13 years old and going through my puberty stage. I was always a rebellious child and loved making people angry. I used to go to school from 8:40 AM to around 2:40 PM. This is how life went on for months and I hated every moment of it. I loved elementary school. I felt like a kid and not absorbed by the school system. Middle school changed my entire views on school. My teachers in elementary school would always say “You’re going to have so much fun.” They all lied to my face. I hated the fact that school was just a repeat and cycle of everything I already learned. I always “Learned,” the same same thing but in a different context of the story. This happened so often in the school systems that people I know from different schools experienced the same thing. The most common subject we learned was history. The cycle went. Revolutionary war, Civil War, World War 1, World War 2. I just wish they taught at least something that I didn’t know. They all had the same information that I learned in the 4th grade One day after school had just ended I walked home and that’s when it finally hit me, “Why do they teach the same thing over and over again?” I lived a block away from the middle school I went to. When I got home I of course greeted my mom and sister since they were the only ones I saw at home until midnight. When I got home. I’m usually the lazy child, going on my phone, and leaving my bag on the floor. The first app I clicked on was YouTube. This was all I had since Tik Tok wasn’t in the picture at this time. There was a specific video on my for you page called “I SUED THE SCHOOL SYSTEM,” by Prince Ea. This video was by far one of the best I have ever watched. The video represents the main character who is playing a lawyer who is presenting his case. He’s referred to as Prince The opposition side of the role play is the leaders of the school system. The school system. Ironically the side of the school system was all white men. Even in the stand near, the school leaders were all old white people cheering the leaders on. The video proceeds with the lawyer who is against the school system talking about his experience with the school. His point of view on schools is how demolishing the system is to the child’s brain. It shows and tells a child to think a certain way. Look a certain way. Live a certain way. To even respond a certain way. Prince gives many examples of how many faults the school gives. The first example is how with over 100 years of learning nothing has changed in the way the classes have been set up in schools. After this observation Prince also made a point about how students all have to raise their hands to speak. To raise their hand to express a point yet they can’t express how and what they’re thinking. This is a majority of what Prince shows this in his video. A beautiful point prince made during his stand is when he said “One size fits all crap,” this is to refer to and symbolizes how students can’t think their thoughts without the teachings of the school imprisoning them in their heads. A day later I walked into school and showed my first-period teacher the video. To my surprise, he agreed with everything Prince said in the video. My teacher never wanted to teach in the way he does yet the leaders of the education system forced him to teach in the way he does. This is to show how our school system and education failed as a whole.

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