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ARCH 3510

ARCH 3510

This studio focuses on the design development and detailing of both a commercial and a residential project. This studio addresses the next level of design after schematic design: design development. This includes the integration of structure, mechanical, lighting, plumbing fixture selection, interior materials, finishes, space programming and furniture layout. Students will be required to meet current design and functional needs of the design problem’s program as well as code requirements.

IND2401 Furniture Design

IND2401 Furniture Design

Course Website: Course Profile (this page): Time: W 6:00 – 9:20 PM Room: V/0511A Instructor: Masato R. Nakamura (Office: V532) Description: This course introduces to the students the art and the science used in designing furniture. Topics include: Fundamental ideas of function and social use; Form, spatial organization, and typological orders; Structural integrity and composition; The design principles and design process; Materials selection and fabrication processes; Marketing and professional practice; and an historical overview of furniture design. Students will be given various hands-on design projects to fully understand the whole process of furniture design.

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