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pass the class and learn something that can help in everyday life


i like cookies… and cake… and food. i like food.

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HEA1102 Community Health, SPRING 2016

HEA1102 Community Health, SPRING 2016

Newest developments in public health on federal, state and local including medical care, chronic and communicable diseases, mental health, sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, environmental health, epidemiological investigation and research, maternal and child health, population control and health service careers.

ENG 1121 (D470) – English Composition II – Fall 2015

ENG 1121 (D470) – English Composition II – Fall 2015

A communication-intensive course in expository writing and research.

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Discussion on Alcohol Consumption

Discussion on Alcohol Consumption

Have you ever wondered what New York would be like if it were sober as in people drinking alcohol much less than the normally do? If you’re thinking ‘is that even possible’ than yes it is. But it can only become possible if New York can see the numerous problems with the consumption of too much alcohol, and the damages that it can causes to oneself and the others around them.

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