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The Composition of Happiness

The Composition of Happiness

Professor Jill Belli (English) & Professor Justine Pawlukewicz (Human Services) Ever wonder what happiness really is? In this English and Human Services learning community, you’ll explore–from pop culture, positive psychology, and social services perspectives–what makes individuals and communities flourish or flounder. *Avatar Image Credit: Laura Grace Bordeaux, happiness is a choice, https://www.flickr.com/photos/laceybordeaux/5744311332/in/photostream/

HEA1102 Community Health, SPRING 2016

HEA1102 Community Health, SPRING 2016

Newest developments in public health on federal, state and local including medical care, chronic and communicable diseases, mental health, sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS, environmental health, epidemiological investigation and research, maternal and child health, population control and health service careers.

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