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I was born on July 28, 1987 in the East New York section of Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in the Fordham section of the Bronx, NY. I’m African-American, Cherokee Indian, & Dominican descent. Although that I have grew up in a sort of broken home & went through years of pure hell, I didn’t allow that to get the best of me. What I like to do on my spare time is doing art work, hang with friends, video games, listen to all types of music, & other things like that. During my senior year in high school, I have dropped out due to personal issues. In 2006, I have earned my GED at Job Corps Academy. As a former homeless individual, I have witness & experiences quite a number of obstacles where it was stressful & overwhelming. I’m a graduate of the Borough of Manhattan Community College with an associates degree in multimedia arts. I’m currently studying for my bachelors degree in graphic arts at New York City College of Technology. My long term goal is to have a career in animation & illustration & to be financially stabilized in my own environment.

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American Government, Alexander Sections

American Government, Alexander Sections

This is the introductory course in American Government, with the main focus on the national level but some attention to state and local levels as well. This OpenLab site contains course materials as well as links to news sites and a discussion board to exchange ideas. Please keep disagreements friendly, and please keep in mind that our main purpose is more to analyze than to react and fume. When the course is over, as long as you still have an OpenLab account at City Tech, you are invited to continue posting on this discussion board. To access course materials, click “Visit Course Site” at the right of this page.

COMD3523 Storyboard Concepts D235 Fall2015 Davis

COMD3523 Storyboard Concepts D235 Fall2015 Davis

The storyboard is the visual version of the script. It consists of a number of panels that show the visual action of a sequence in a logical narrative. The storyboard is used as a tool for production or to assist in the selling of ideas to clients. The emphasis in this class is on story, idea and development. Students will design and present storyboards for topics including commercials, film and television titles and video presentations.

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Storyboard Concepts

Storyboard Concepts

Assignments & classwork for COMD 3523

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