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this blog will be about….

R&H Engineering

Mission Statement We are a competitive Equipment manufacturer that strives for innovation and excellence. Our equipment ranges from small scale equipment for your average Technician to large scale equipment […]

East Tranquility Blog Spot

Hi. We are blogging about different Muslim clothing items. This blog will explain the newest styles and the most recent Abayas, hijabs, and accessories in the market. Please feel free to comment and add items that […]

The Law at Large

It is the mission of the Osagie Law Firm, Inc. to provide low-income members of the community with an affordable means of obtaining quality legal services. The Osagie, Inc. is a non-profit organization, which is […]

Can I Design?

Can you design? Both new and veteran designers can use this blog to share and explore each others works. Inspiration is just around the corner.

Tough Kitty Graphics

Tough Kitty Graphics

Not everything in the world is cute and fluffy. There are many organizations that have made it their mission to start campaigns to help people around the world. They spread information through graphic design […]


Graphic design clothing company that shows epic stylish fashion to the urban society.

A la Carte

A La Carte is your personal pathway to finding the hidden secrets of NYC dining. NYC is a concrete jungle with hundreds of restauraunts and lounges; A La Carte is a blog where we guide you to finding those special […]

Kaiz World Design

Kaiz World Design

It is a company that help all designers to spread there projects and creation. We also help connect designers to clients.

Explosive covers blog

Explosive covers is place where students can post want ads to fellow students. These ads asked other students for help designing various cover art for short stories or fan fiction. The purpose of this blog is to […]



This blog is a website for any and every one that is interested in learning or obtaining information about projects being constructed in the such as Landscape architecture, Urban Design,Historical Preservation, […]