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ENG 2150

ENG 2150

Course Description (course catalogue): Introduction to the writings of selected women writers, both major authors and less well-known women writers. A variety of genres including essays, fiction, poems, and plays will be explored. Our Course: Together, we will study the world of women through the eyes of women scholars and creative writers. We will also explore female identity as construed and designed by male authors in an attempt to understand their impact on the perception of girls and women. In doing so, we will examine the evolution of female identity, the current status and perception of the global woman, and the future prospects of girls and women worldwide, as the female identity transitions nationally and internationally. This class is both reading and writing intensive and will address the following socially sensitive topics: representations of girls and women on reality television; racial matters; sex/sexuality/sexual orientation; violence; politics; Class and the culture of power; and gender roles/expectations, among other areas of social concern.

ENG1101 English Composition 1, FA2019 MW

ENG1101 English Composition 1, FA2019 MW

This is a course in effective essay writing and basic research techniques and an introduction to library research methods. Readings from distributed handouts and the textbook, The Place Where We Dwell, are assigned for classroom discussion and as models for essay writing.

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