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    After reading this post all I could say is wow.
    Well, for starters welcome to City Tech.
    My name is Sabrina I’m one of the Peer Mentors for First Year but of course I’m a college student myself.
    I admire the dedication and mindset you had coming into college. The first semester can be a little much. But once you get the hang of it this semester the next few semesters can be a little bit “easier” because you’ve already been down the rodeo.
    Please, don’t hold back from clubs or activities taking place in City Tech. Of course studies first, but if you manage to find some free time where you’re able to join a club or attend an event that SLD (Student Life & Development) or SGA (Student Government Association) or any other department has feel free to attend.
    I agree with both of your professors, although you come in alone and with the mindset that you are “alone” you aren’t. First Year program is here for you, so are your professors, other faculty members and departments. There are unlimited resources here in City Tech.
    I myself am majoring in Human Services and I can say that there are a lot of people in that department who are there for you and are pretty amazing.
    Enjoyed reading your post.
    Be that fierce freshman you want to be !!