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I am 18 years old and I love makeup. I don’t really Know what to write here because I am not too sure about putting my personal business out there. So here are a few interesting facts about me.
– I was born in Senegal (A country in Africa for those of you who may not know) and I came to the US when I was 12 years old.
– I have been to Washington, D.C, Virginia and Boston.
– I am very determined when it comes to school so I basically choose studying over everything.
I guess that’s about it right now. i’ll update this later.

Ask me.

My Courses

MAT2440 Discrete Structures and Algorithms I, FA2019

MAT2440 Discrete Structures and Algorithms I, FA2019

This course introduces the foundations of discrete mathematics as they apply to computer science, focusing on providing a solid theoretical foundation for further work. Topics include functions, relations, sets, simple proof techniques, Boolean algebra, propositional logic, elementary number theory, writing, analyzing and testing algorithms.

ENG1101 Composition I, Fall2016, MELGARD

ENG1101 Composition I, Fall2016, MELGARD

English 1101: Composition I, Sections D342 + D413, Fall 2016, Instructed by Holly Melgard

ENG1121 D477 SPRING 2017

ENG1121 D477 SPRING 2017

English Composition II is an advanced, discipline-specific composition course in which you will build on the practices, processes, research, and genres you explored in ENG 1101. With an emphasis on analytical approaches to argumentation and a research project, you will refine academic, critical, and informational literacy skills. This class will focus on themes of social inequality and identity in 21st century America and emphasize the development of critical literacy and consciousness through reading, analyzing, discussing, and writing about contemporary literary works that explore the intersections or race, class, gender and sexuality. Writing assignments will build on these themes while exploring a variety of genres as you will be encouraged to develop your own unique voice while developing rhetorical awareness, critical thinking and reading, writing and research skills.

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