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Paul Baek

I am currently a student at The New York City College of Technology majoring in Computer Engineering Technology. My current goal is to graduate and get my degree. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and I believe I will be able to thoroughly enjoy just about anything I do in this field. I especially enjoy creating my own circuits and the feeling of accomplishment after getting it to work.

My Courses

CET4711 Computer-Controlled System Design I

CET4711 Computer-Controlled System Design I

The capstone course introduces students to the concepts of computer controlled system design and project management. The course focuses in the application of electric circuits, computer programming, software applications, analog and digital electronics, microcomputers and microcontrollers, networks, and engineering standards to the designing, building, testing, operation, and maintenance of computer systems and associated software systems.

My Projects

Raspberry Pi music player

Raspberry Pi music player

A music player made using a Raspberry Pi. It is controlled by push buttons that are wired to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. The program used to read the push button inputs and control the music player were written in Python 2.7

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