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Nutrition (Bio 3524)

Nutrition (Bio 3524)

This course will be based on the study of nutrient constituents of foods, metabolism of nutrients in the body and their role in the human body. We will put special emphasis on specific health problems, especially those involving nutritional deficiencies. Through this course students will develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of nutrition necessary to improve and maintain health, to prevent illness and to provide support and therapy during illness.

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Nutrition Project (Bio 3524)

Nutrition Project (Bio 3524)

Students will use this forum to work on a collaborative project. Students will choose a scientific article and will work around it on a research paper. The option of choosing your own article is feasible, but only upon your instructor approval. Please, work on this project with a partner and the make sure all your contributions are made through this forum. If you still don’t have a partner, notify your instructor and I will do my best to pair you with someone. From this point on, your attendance will be monitored mainly through your participation on this forum.

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