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Building Technology IV

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...

This course studies the development of building systems as they occur during the design development phase of architecture. Using case study research methods, students analyze factors, such as building assemblies […]

ARCH 1121 A History of Architecture……Fall 2012 Mishara

Barbara Smith Mishara
Architectural T...|ARCH 1121|Fall 2012

An exploration of architecture from prehistory to 1900. This semester we also focus on the origins and growth of cities. For our final project we will use the archives of the Brooklyn Historical Society to study […]

ARCH3522 NYC Arch, SP2014

Robert Zagaroli 3rd
Architectural T...|ARCH3522|Spring 2014

A historical analysis of the city’s infrastructure, real estate development, municipal planning and ordinances and key building using the comparative method. The development of a megalopolis. (more to come…)

ARCH4900 DURA Internship

ARCH4900 DURA Internship

Alexander Aptekar
Architectural T...|ARCH 4900|Summer 2014

The class will researching, prototyping and testing new technologies and developing the leadership for the solar decathlon