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Culinary, Hospitality, Geo-Politics, Environmental Issues, Emergency Management


I have produced and sold over 900 special events in New York City and the Hamptons since 2003 as an event manager, catering director, and independent party planner.

My short-to-medium term goals as a student in the Hospitality Management program are for me to have a better understanding of kitchen, culinary, and baking operations related to costing & production; leading to an associates degree in Hospitality Management focusing on Culinary Arts.

My long term goal is to have my own NGO and/or private business that caters to the food, shelter, and cooking needs of communities and governments in need during crises, conflicts, natural disasters, and human migrations.

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HMGT1101 E501 SP18

HMGT1101 E501 SP18

SUSTAINABILITY IN HOSPITALITY – This learning community will introduce the 21st Century relevance of sustainability in the hospitality industry and incorporating the concept connecting the various foundations taught in these two introductory management classes. Connections will be made as students investigate their career options and widen their scope of industry knowledge. Students will learn how to establish a professional electronic profile and simulate a career exploration search.

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