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ENG1101CO, English Composition I Co-Requisite, Spring 2020

ENG1101CO, English Composition I Co-Requisite, Spring 2020

English 1101CO is a writing-intensive course designed to strengthen your composition skills. Writing a variety of essays, in addition to a research project, will help you develop skills such as building an argument, adapting writing for different needs and situations, interpreting and responding to a text, incorporating secondary source material effectively, and mastering the mechanics of quoting, citing, and documenting sources. We will be reading pieces both for their inherent literary value and also as models of composition that you may employ in your writing assignments. The “CO” in English 1101CO stands for corequisite, which means that in addition to the English 1101 coursework, we will dedicate time to strengthening fundamental reading and writing skills. We will focus on enhancing vocabulary and critical reading skills, using step-by-step approaches to writing assignments, improving grammar and punctuation skills, and cultivating positive habits for college success, including note-taking and study skills.

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Briana’s Corona Blog

Briana’s Corona Blog

The life of living during COVID-19

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