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MAT 1372 Statistics with Probability, Spring 2014

MAT 1372 Statistics with Probability, Spring 2014

Topics covered in this course include sample spaces and probabilities, discrete probability distributions (Binomial, Hypergeometric, Poisson), expectation and variance, continuous probability distributions (Normal, Chi- Square), confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, and correlation and regression. Spreadsheets are used throughout the semester. This course, (3 credits, 2 class hrs, 2 lab hrs), satisfies Pathways: Scientific World. Course prerequisite: MAT 1375; Not open to students who have completed MAT 2572.

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City Tech Connections Club

City Tech Connections Club

This club was created to inspire leadership and student citizenship for all City Tech Students. Here at City Tech Connections you will enjoy a multitude of activities such as: visiting museums, hearing from guest speakers, and volunteer opportunities. You will also build professional communication and networking skills among fellow students and faculty on and off campus.

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