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“If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours!.”

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ARTH1103 Intro Art History F2019

ARTH1103 Intro Art History F2019

An introduction to art and architecture from ancient to modern times. The art of Western and Eastern cultures is considered. Additional description for this section: This course is designed to get you thinking about art. What is art? How is art produced? What is the function of art? Art is a record of culture and civilization, often it is the sole way we can understand what was meaningful to people separated from us by time, language and technology. Art also helps us understand our own time and culture. This course connects art to past histories, and introduces students to the visual language of art from ancient to modern times, in order to increase the recognition and understanding of references in advertisements and posters, on clothing, and in film and other media. The course introduces a wide variety of methodologies and topics of current debate in the field of art history, including: style, technique, patronage, iconography (subject matter), social context, race, and gender. The course avatar is a watercolor by Albrecht Durer, The Little Owl, 1506 in the Albertina Museum, Vienna

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BUF 3300 International Retailing Project

BUF 3300 International Retailing Project

This project is about a modest fashion international business named Modest Beauty which is located in Turkey, Istanbul – the capital of the modest fashion industry!

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