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Maisha Price is a native of Brooklyn, New York and is currently employed as a medical biller at SUNY Downstate Medical Center University Hospital of Brooklyn. She has over fifteen years of experience in medical billing at SUNY Downstate Hospital and has twenty years in the healthcare field altogether. Throughout her career she has specialized in medical billing and payment recovery. She has detailed knowledge of ICD9 coding, billing methodology, appeals, insurance guidelines, insurance filing periods, reimbursement guidelines claim review, and denial follow up.

Maisha is currently working towards a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Services Administration. She loves the healthcare field and intends to further her education with a Master’s Degree in Medical Informatics. Maisha is an essential part of the medical billing team and has precise investigative skills in denial claim review, patient financial statuses, payment recovery for commercial and Medicare and Medicaid (Government) claims. She brings a rigor to the business that ensures adherence to all hospital compliance, legal and technical aspects of the patient financial services.

My Courses

ARTH 1103 Survey of Art History

ARTH 1103 Survey of Art History

A History of Art and Architecture from the Prehistoric Era to the Present

ENG3771 Advanced Career Writing, SP2015

ENG3771 Advanced Career Writing, SP2015

Catalog Description: “An advanced composition course emphasizing writing used in business and industry. The course will focus on business letters, memos, minutes, process papers, and reports.” English 3771, Advanced Career Writing, will provide you with the opportunity to improve your ability to write business documents through applied study and critique. You will develop the knowledge, skills, and processes necessary to compose documents under constraints typically found in the workplace. You will be evaluated throughout the process of researching, organizing, writing, revising, and presenting your documents.

CST 1101 Problem Solving with Computer Programming

CST 1101 Problem Solving with Computer Programming

Introduces concepts of problem solving using constructs of logic inherent in computer programming languages. Augmented by high level computer tools, enabling solutions to common algorithmic problems.Use of flowcharts to diagram problem solutions. Object oriented packages, flow charting tools and viewing generated software code.

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