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Lukas Pires is student in his senior year at the New York City College of Technology (CUNY) who is anticipating to obtain his baccalaureate degree. He is born and raised in New York City and coming from a Brazilian background as a first generation Brazilian-American. Lukas’ interests includes fashion, sports, art, music, travel and food.
Career wise, Lukas sees himself as a merchandiser, buyer or product developer. He is very interested in those aspects of the fashion industry and would like to get his foot into those fields after college. Once in the field, Lukas would want to continue his education and receive a Masters degree in apparel design. He would eventually branch off into apparel design full time creating his own label.
His values include having a strong work ethic while still maintaining a work-life balance. Professionalism, making sure to always stay professional in the work place while enjoying what he does. Entrepreneurship, also treating the business as his own as well as looking for opportunities in the market to introduce an innovative idea. Lukas also takes every task or responsibility handed to him with immense passion, he believes if you are not passionate about what you are doing, why are you doing it and if it is not related to your passion, it should be something that can help improve on your passion. And lastly, Lukas values progression. In a very progressing world we live in, Lukas finds it important in to always learn about cultures, respecting and trying to understand them.

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