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Laura Rivas
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Computer Systems Technology

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ENG1101 Blain FYLC FA2020

ENG1101 Blain FYLC FA2020

This is the course site for Jackie Blain’s ENG 1101 component of the First Year Learning Community “Game On, Python!” ENG1101 is designed to help develop skills in writing, researching, and reading that can be transferred into a variety of settings.

ENG 1101 – 	55192	SEC OL10-LEC  Fall 2020

ENG 1101 – 55192 SEC OL10-LEC Fall 2020


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Game On, Python! Fall 2020

Game On, Python! Fall 2020

Through a video game development group project and a developer’s blog discussing the process of problem-solving used to create the game, this course will present students with an overall inner inspection of both the world of computing and game development. Student teams will use Python 2.7 (, a free python compiler tool, to design a 5 minute, choice-based text adventure game which will later be presented to the class. The course aims to teach students to work productively within a team, provide the foundation for other courses within the Computer Systems Technology department, and enhance the critical thinking skills necessary in an increasingly complex and technological world.

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