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ENG 2001 D532 TTH230 Fall 2018

ENG 2001 D532 TTH230 Fall 2018

Lavelle Porter
English|ENG 2001|Fall 2018

ENG 2001 Introduction to Literature I: Fiction, is a literature course designed to develop your understanding of fictional narratives by studying selected works of fiction and criticism. In this course we will […]

English 1101 Fall 2017 Street 1

Monroe Street
English,Social...|English 1101|Fall 2017

English Composition 1 / The Split Self: Personal Identity On- and Off-line

ENG902W FYSP, SU2017

Jacquelyn Blain
English|ENG902W|Summer 2017

A summer course focused on basic writing skills, grammar, and preparation for the CATW.