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Bio1101 LC66 Lab for Wed

Shahnewaz Rahim
Bio1101|Fall 2019

Bio1101 lab deals with hands on knowledge to employ scientific reasoning and logical thinking. This coarse provides students the basic skills of scientific methods, how to handle microscopes, to understand life […]

MAT1190 Quantitative Reasoning Fall 2019

MAT1190 Quantitative Reasoning Fall 2019

Victor Lee
MAT1190|Fall 2019

Students develop and apply mathematical, logical, critical thinking, and statistical skills to solve problems in real-world contexts. They acquire skills in the fields of algebra, geometry, probability, […]


Despina Lalaki

Sociology is the field of study that takes up to explain social, political, cultural and economic phenomena in terms of social structures, social forces and group relations. The course introduces students to […]

English 1101 Fall 2019 Section 342

Monroe Street
English 1101|Fall 2019

English 1101 Section 342