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Mat 1275/Algebra and Trigonometry

Lucie Mingla
Mathematics|Mat1275-EN|Summer 2017

An intermediate and advanced algebra course. Topics include quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic functions; topics from trigonometry, including identities, equations and […]

ENG2575 OL70 Technical Writing, Fall 2021

Jason W. Ellis
ENG2575|Fall 2021

Students communicate technical and scientific information to a variety of audiences through written and oral presentations, using electronic media such as the Internet, Power Point and graphics programs. Students […]

2020 Spring – MAT 1375 Precalculus – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
MAT1375|Spring 2020

This course is designed to prepare students for the study of Calculus. Topics include an in-depth study of functions such as polynomial functions, inverse functions, radical functions, rational functions, […]