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HEA 1100 – Human Sexuality

HEA 1100 – Human Sexuality


This class examines knowledge and attitudes towards human sexual behavior.

ENG2002-D960 Intro to Lit: Drama, Summer 2019

ENG2002-D960 Intro to Lit: Drama, Summer 2019

Holly Melgard
ENG2002|Summer 2019

Analysis and critical understanding of selected plays.

AFR1130 Africana Folklore Fall 2018

African America...|AFR1130|Fall 2018

African Cultural retentions in the Americas is presented this semester as a reading and writing-intensive course focused on the continuities, transformations, adaptations and re¬inventions of African culture […]

Community Organizing Shepard

Community Organizing Shepard

Health Services...|2307| open

Course description: Community organization theory and practice in human services, community assessment, change strategies, empowerment skills, and planning techniques in the profit, non-profit, and public sector […]

HUS3605 Dr. Glose Fall 2018

Human Services|HUS3605|Fall 2018

Concepts, policies, practice principles and issues in the broad field of Child Welfare and Family Services. The major Human Services policies and programs designed for children and families at risk will be […]