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Story-telling in Interactive Fiction Games – FYLC FA2017

Story-telling in Interactive Fiction Games – FYLC FA2017

Jacquelyn Blain, Candido Cabo, Ashwin Satyanarayana

This First Year Learning Community includes CST 1100 (Intro to Computer Systems), CST 1102 (Problem Solving with Computer Programming), and ENG 1101 (English Composition I), and is designed to leverage all three […]

ENG2420 Science Fiction, SP2016

Jason W. Ellis
English|ENG2420|Spring 2016

We will endeavor to locate the emergence of the Science Fiction (SF) genre and unravel how SF came to be the preeminent literature of the 20th and 21st centuries. To accomplish this, we will read and watch […]

Production Practices Fall 2017

Production Practices Fall 2017

Jesse Ricke
Entertainment T...|MTEC 1102|Spring 2017

This course provides a hands-on introduction to the applied principles and production techniques used in interactive media development. Students will be introduced to the basic theory, practices, and technology […]

English 3401, Section E290/Law Through Literature (Fall, 2016)

C. L. Gabbard
English|3401|Fall 2016

In this section of English 3401, Law Through Literature, we will examine depictions of law in poetry, fiction, essays and drama by post-1900 writers from Great Britain and Ireland. Although our reading list for […]

ENG1121 Melgard sp2015

ENG1121 Melgard sp2015

Holly Melgard
English|ENG1121|Spring 2015

English 1121: Composition II, Sections D400 + D431, Spring 2015, Instructed by Holly Melgard

2012 Spring – MAT 1275 – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
Mathematics|MAT 1275|Spring 2012

Math 1275, College Algebra and Trigonometry, Spring semester 2012, Mr. Reitz. Header image for the website and group avatar are details from “Beautiful Dance Moves” by Dylan Ng, htt […]

Being in Brooklyn

Jody R. Rosen
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2013

Prof. Justin Davis, SPE 1330 Prof. Jody Rosen, ENG 1101 Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester our Being in Brooklyn Learning Community will explore […]

Ins and Outs Of Physical Computing

Damon Loren Baker
Entertainment T...|ENT 2180

An introduction to interactive technology with a focus on how we use technology to express ourselves and interact with our environment. This class will combine a hands-on exploration of sensors and […]



Professor Adrianne Wortzel
Entertainment T...|MTEC2125|Fall 2013

Through the examination of the earliest gestures of cave drawings to sophisticated multimedia narratives, students study the ingredients and structures necessary for compelling storytelling. Observing the linear […]

English 1101 / 5361

English 1101 / 5361

Rebecca Mazumdar
English|1101|Spring 2013

English Composition I, Spring 2013 Professor Rebecca Devers

ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles I (FA13)

ADV1100 Graphic Design Principles I (FA13)

Jenna Spevack
Communication D...|ADV1100|Fall 2013

This foundation design and color theory course explores graphic communication from idea development to final execution. Through hands-on experiments, collaborative learning, and individual projects students will […]

Telling Brooklyn Stories: ENG 1101: English Composition

Jody R. Rosen
English|ENG 1101|Fall 2011

Brooklyn is a collection of neighborhoods and location, a microcosm of the world. This semester, in Telling Brooklyn Stories, we will explore Brooklyn through archives at the Brooklyn Historical Society, our own […]