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Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering Technology

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Satellite Transmission

Satellite Transmission

The basic concepts and techniques used in satellite communications are introduced. The three major segments of a satellite system: the space segment, the earth segment and the link between these segments are explained in details. An introduction to satellite launching is followed by a detailed discussion of different orbits and methods of allocating geostationary orbit to communication satellites are addressed. Three main frequency bands allocated to communication satellites are discussed in details. The atmospheric and free space loss, the effects of rain attenuation, elevation angle, antenna’s figure of merit and other factors affecting signal propagation are explained. Uplink and downlink transmissions and the link budgets are examined and the carrier to noise ratio, bit energy to noise density ratio and gain to noise temperature ratio are explained. Different modulation and multiple access methods are covered. The laboratory part of this course utilizes several software simulation tools to analyze the different segments of a satellite communication network. The link budget analysis, launching phase maneuvers and impacts of different parameters affecting signal transmission and reception are performed to improve understanding of the theoretical concepts learned in the lecture part of the course. The impacts of other Earth and Atmospheric parameters such as sand storm, rain attenuation, Van Allen Belts and Tropospheric Scintillation on signal propagation are examined to enhance learning.

MAT1372/OL53 – Ganguli – Spring 2021

MAT1372/OL53 – Ganguli – Spring 2021

This is an introductory course in statistics and probability. Topics covered include descriptive statistics, correlation and regression, sample spaces and probabilities, discrete probability distributions, expectation and variance, continuous probability distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Spreadsheets are used throughout the semester.

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