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HUS 3605 Child Welfare and Family Services, SPRING 2018

Human Services|HUS 3605|Spring 2018

Concepts, policies, practice principles and issues in the broad field of child welfare and family services. The major human services policies and programs designed for children and families at risk will be […]

HUS2305 Human Services Field Practicum I, FALL2016

Prof. Powell
Human Services|HUS 2305|Fall 2016

Supervised field work in a cooperating social or health agency coordinated with weekly classroom seminar. Students prepare written reports on a series of assigned readings and keep a written journal of their […]



Human Services|3505|Spring 2017

This course will explore the various critical health and safety issues and problems affecting children and adolescents. Areas to be explored will include nutrition, personal hygiene, medical care, first aid and […]