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ENG2420 E573 Science Fiction, Spring 2020

ENG2420 E573 Science Fiction, Spring 2020

We will explore the emergence of Science Fiction (SF) and examine its preeminence as interdisciplinary literary and artistic forms of pressing cultural importance. To accomplish this, we will read and watch significant examples of SF from its long history beginning with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and concluding with cyberpunk. Students will have opportunities to demonstrate their learning through note taking, weekly writing assignments, a research essay, and an essay-format final exam. Please note: this is a writing intensive course with a demanding reading schedule. The catalog course description, objectives, and prerequisites are attached.



One of America’s most interesting and versatile of writers is F. Scott Fitzgerald. Over the course of a highly productive career, Fitzgerald rode to fame on four novels and almost 160 stories published in the leading magazines of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Today, he is primarily remembered for his recounting of the rollicking, jazz-infused “Roaring Twenties” in his literary classic The Great Gatsby, published in 1925. As this course will demonstrate, Fitzgerald should be remembered for much more of his work, including his short stories, later novels, work in Hollywood, and the many films made of his work and life.

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