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Project Wayfinding

Project Wayfinding

Faculty Commons

Project Wayfinding is a college-wide effort to answer the question “How can Faculty, staff, and students effectively provide/use accurate information for academic career planning from Day 1 through Graduation?”

STEM Success

STEM Success, How faculty impact student learning. This project will provide a platform to study how faculty can positively impact student learning to promote success in STEM.

WAC Digital Initiatives: Writing Intensive Certification

Alicia Andrzejewski

Current and potential writing intensive (WI) course instructors now have the opportunity to complete the certification process online, in a fast-tracked method well-suited to some faculty members’ crammed […]

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)

Faculty Commons

The Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) of CUNY is responsible for protection of the rights and welfare of all human participants in research projects conducted at CUNY, or research projects conducted by […]

Thomas Ahrens International Work/Study Programs II– Paris

Thomas Ahrens International Work/Study Programs II– Paris

Prof. Thalia Pericles

Selected Hospitality Management students take part in an exchange program with students from Universite d’Evry during the month of June. This project presents first hand, the business of tourism, hotel m […]

Living Lab General Education Seminar

This is a collaborative space for use by Living Laboratory General Education Seminar participants. This seminar will concentrate on incorporating the general education outcome of Information Literacies into our […]

Strengthening Research Interactions through Digital Expression (STRIDE)

STRIDE is a digital infrastructure using the OpenLab platform that converges a variety of science resources and applications bearing a capacity for enriched engagement in research, and community building. More […]

School of Arts & Sciences News

This is the site maintained by the School of Arts & Sciences Grants and Research Committee.

City Tech Writer Sampler

Faculty Commons

The City Tech Writer Sampler offers examples of excellent student writing from every academic department. Students can find inspiration for their own writing through the variety of styles and genres with these […]

Reading Effectively Across The Disciplines – Biology

Reading Effectively Across The Disciplines – Biology

This project serves to disseminate material generated by the reading initiative of City Tech. Please feel free to contribute, discuss and take part.

Emotions in Teaching and Learning

This is a site for thinking critically and generatively about the role of emotions in teaching and learning, and working collaboratively foster greater well-being, student engagement, and (faculty, student, […]

Gen Ed Flexible Core Courses

Faculty Commons

To reach the required total of 6 courses in the flexible common core, students in AA, AS and bachelor’s degree programs must complete at least one course in each of the five Flexible Core areas and an additional […]