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A successful career begins with passion for learning and commitment to excellence.

Prof. Jean F. Claude began his training at New York City College of Technology, earning both the A.A.S. and BT degrees from the Department Hospitality Management. After many years in the industry working for several multinational corporations, some of which include: Marriott International, Walt Disney World, Russian Tea Room, Ogden Aviation Services and General Electric, he returned to teach at the college as a full-time culinary professor in 2001. He earned a Master’s of International Business Management degree with an emphasis on cross-cultural management from Webster University.
Prof. Claude is an active member of The Societé Culinaire Philanthropique, the New York state Restaurant association, the American Culinary federation and the International Culinary Tourism Association. A natural entrepreneur, he manages his class classroom as he would manage his own business, with all the love and care and attention to the details that will keep his students motivated and focused.
A leader, Jean Claude let his students know clearly what he expects, but it is done sensitivity, respect and caring that lets them know he is always there for them.
Hard working and determined, once he is focused on a goal there is little, if anything, that will prevent him from attaining it. With that same determination, he and his team won many prizes at the Salon Culinaire and at ACF sanctioned culinary competitions. In search of excellence in teaching, Jean is a Certified Hospitality Educator (CHE) and Certified Culinary Educator (CCE)
Systematized and logical in his approach, Jean will take great pains to ensure that the work is done right the first time. Not one the cut corners, he will lay out his plan and even though there maybe distractions, he will get back to what must be done each day.
Jean Claude wants to work with others who feel the same need to be successful as he does. He likes to associate with winners and will prove selective when it comes to his team. The more the individual feels that can contribute and learn the more he will invest in them.
Jean Claude leads by example. One who knows the way it should be done, he easily shares his techniques and knowledge with those around him. He looks for the opportunity to teach and does it often. Passionate about his profession, Jean Claude knows that the learning process is endless. When working with young students; he proves helpful in helping them to define what parameters they are working under and give them the right focus to keep the learning process moving forward.
A sensitive and positive individual, students come to him with their problem and concerns once they know he is open and sharing. The more he can connect with them, the harder they will work. Jean Claude Knows that he will never know all there is learn about cooking and teaching, but he knows that he must work hard to keep himself ahead if he is to continue to make a valuable contribution to the culinary world and achieve the success he so desires.

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Overview of legal implication of acts by hospitality professional, employees, guests and visitors. Analysis of rights, responsibilities and risk management of hospitality industry establishments. Discussion of historical and current liability, governmental regulations, predictability and probability in the environment.

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