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Introduction to Language and Technology

Robert Lestón
ENG1710|Fall 2022

An introduction to the relationship between language and technology by reviewing the history of various technologies of the world, including writing, printing, and digital media. The course explores the history of […]

ENG 2720: Writing with New Media

Jill Belli
English|2720|Fall 2015

An exploration of the changing nature of composition practices and rhetorical strategies in the digital age. Students are introduced to a variety of digital writing platforms that expand communicative practices […]

ENG 2700, Intro to PTW, Fall 2015

ENG 2700, Intro to PTW, Fall 2015

Patrick Corbett
English|ENG 2700|Fall 2015

Introduction to Professional and Technical Writing (ENG 2700), surveys a broad range of issues related to the domains of professional and technical writing. Students will be introduced to the central issues, […]

ENG2200 American Lit I, FA2014

ENG2200 American Lit I, FA2014

English|HD44|Fall 2014

American writing from the Colonial beginnings to the middle of the 19th century, with emphasis on the literature as an expression of the cultural and intellectual life of the times. Exams and essays based on readings.