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Professor Maller

Astronomical history is presented including an introduction to the mechanics and optics of Galileo and Newton. Radiation laws and astronomical tools including the telescope are considered. The solar system is […]

MTEC 1102-HE90, Production Practices, Spring 2022

MTEC 1102-HE90, Production Practices, Spring 2022

MTEC 1102|Spring 2022

This course is a hands-on introduction to the best practices for production techniques used in games, interactive and tangible media product development. Students will acquire a deep understanding of content […]

MTEC1101-HD88 – Emerging Media Foundations – Spring2022

Sean Michael Landers
MTEC1101|Spring 2022

This course is an introduction to emerging, interactive multi-media technology with a focus on interdisciplinary, project-based, cooperative learning. Students will be immersed in the protocols and processes of […]