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ENT 4499 Culmination Project FA 2021 – SP 2022

Ryoya Terao
ENT 4499|Fall 2021

The senior thesis project, utilizing skills in an innovative way to develop a project that relates to the entertainment industry. Projects are developed through courses in the entertainment technology and/or […]

CST 1101: Problem Solving with Computer Programming

CST 1101: Problem Solving with Computer Programming

Elena Filatova

This course introduces students to concepts of problem solving using constructs of logic inherent in computer programming languages. Students study the nature of problems, common solution approaches and analysis […]

Oracle Database Administration CST4714

Ashwin Satyanarayana
Computer System...|CST 4714|Fall 2018

This course is absolutely for beginners. This is applicable for those who would want to learn Oracle Database 11g. This course would be ideal for.. (a) Students who would like to jump into the world of […]

MTEC 3140 – Topics & Perspectives in Emerging Technology

MTEC 3140 |Fall 2020

This course is about understanding our role in both the propagation and dismantling of societal values through media production and consumption. It is also about recognizing the power and responsibility we each […]

ENT3320 OL61

ENT3320 OL61

3320|Fall 2020

Supervised laboratory in the technical areas of production. Hands-on experience in the planning, construction, rigging and running of productions to learn backstage procedures and operations in a performance […]

MTEC 2210 Game Design and Interactive, SP2020

MTEC 2210 Game Design and Interactive, SP2020

Hosni Auji
MTEC 2210|Spring 2020

This course offers a cross-disciplinary foundation for the design of games and interactive multi-media technology for artists, designers and technologists. Students will learn human-centered design principles and […]

MTEC1102, Section E988, Production Practices, SP2020

MTEC1102, Section E988, Production Practices, SP2020

MTEC 1102|Spring 2020

This course is a hands-on introduction to the best practices for production techniques used in games, interactive and tangible media product development. Students will acquire a deep understanding of content […]