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ENG2160 Intro to Women’s Studies, F2016

ENG2160 Intro to Women’s Studies, F2016

This course focuses on literature, scholarly writing, and films that examine specifically the role(s) of girls and women, both nationally and internationally, and determines whether women themselves or others (external forces, individuals, or social systems) construct definitions of womanhood. The course utilizes texts, by both men and women, and addresses such themes as womanism, stereotypes, feminism, violence, politics, intimate/familial relationships, sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and prescribed and evolving gender roles as they relate to girls and women.

ENG1121, D492, Spring 2016

ENG1121, D492, Spring 2016

In ENG1121, we will explore four writing tasks – summary, critical reading/critique, synthesis, and research. Our semester will be divided into six units of focused study: • unit 1: annotation, MLA citation, best practices • unit 2: academic essays • unit 3: literary fiction • unit 4: periodical publications • unit 5: research project • unit 6: final portfolio Units 2 through 4 will require preparation of short response papers that reflect an understanding of one or more of our writing tasks. Unit 5 will culminate in a research paper that links something from the past with something from the present, and unit 6 will result in the creation of a final portfolio containing revisions and evidence of self-reflection.

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