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CST 3504: Database Design

CST 3504: Database Design

This course is an overview of the database design process in the context of the System Development Methodology (Life Cycle). The three main phases in database design, namely: conceptual, using Entity Relational Diagram (ERD) and Unified Modeling Language (UML); logical, using the relational model, and physical, using a Database Management System (DBMS), are covered. The basics of the relational data model (concepts of relation, attribute, primary key, and foreign key) are reviewed, and the mapping of the conceptual model to the relational model is discussed. Advanced concepts of relational theory (normalization, denormalization) are included. The Physical model of the database is built in the DBMS. Although students should be familiar with SQL from the prerequisite, a review of SQL statements will be included Prerequisites: CST 1204 with a grade of C or higher Acceptable substitute for CST 3506 or CST 3508

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