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FIRST YEAR LEARNING COMMUNITY fall 2015: ”The Art of Food” HMGT 1203 or 1204 + ARTH1100

Joanne Jacus, Kylie Garcelon, Sandra Cheng
Hospitality Man...|HMGT 1203/ HMGT 1204/ ARTH1100|Fall 2015

“The Art of Food” is a Learning Community students in Prof Garcelon’s Culinary I (Weds AM section), Prof Jacus’s Baking & Pastry I (Weds AM section), and Prof Cheng’s History of Photography (Mon section) cla […]

ENG 1101: English Composition 1

Jennifer Sears
English|ENG 1101|Spring 2015

This introductory level writing course explores techniques for effective college level reading and essay writing.