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ENG 2420: Science Fiction

ENG 2420: Science Fiction

Jill Belli
2420|Fall 2016

English 2420 combines analysis of science fiction as literature with consideration of the questions science and technology raise about past, present, and future societies. In class discussions and essays, students […]

MAT 2680 Differential Equations Fall 2015 – Poirier

MAT 2680 Differential Equations Fall 2015 – Poirier

Kate Poirier
Mathematics|MAT 2680|Fall 2015

An introduction to solving ordinary differential equations. Applications to various problems are discussed.

2017 Spring – MAT 2680 Differential Equations – Reitz

Jonas Reitz
Mathematics|MAT 2680|Spring 2017

A differential equation is an equation that relates a function to one or more of its derivatives. – The above rather boring description does little to convey just how fundamental, widespread, and amazingly […]