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Graphic Principles 1 ADV 1100

Desiree Alvarez
Communication D...|ADV 1100|Spring 2014

This hands on mixed media course explores the basic principles of design and develops fluency in the visual lexicon.



M. Genevieve Hitchings
Communication D...|COMD3662|Spring 2015

Animation and interactivity are important presentation tools for engaging the user. The goal of this course is to teach the development of time-based animation skills and introduce fundamental concepts in […]


Zevensuy Rodriguez
Communication D...|Fall 2014

A required course for all Advertising Design and Graphic Arts students. Topics include creative user interface design and best workflow practice. Students will design a website using an XHTML template, and will […]

ADV1167 Type&Media S2014 (MF)

Prof. Mary Brown
Communication D...|ADV1167|Spring 2014

This is a foundation course in typography with emphasis on using type for a range of industry related applications from print to interactive. Students will be introduced to principles of type design and […]