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ARCH 4861 Professional Practice Spring 2018 Mishara

ARCH 4861 Professional Practice Spring 2018 Mishara

The course provides a comprehensive look at the building industry with an emphasis on student development.

ARCH2480 structures1, SP2016

ARCH2480 structures1, SP2016

This course presents the basis for an understanding of structural behavior and design, with an emphasis placed on the theoretical and practical application of structural design principles for new and existing urban small-scale building structures. The fundamental scientific framework of mechanics, strength of materials, structural analysis and architectural design integration will be addressed. Conditions encountered during renovations and their solutions will be included. The course is presented in lecture and discussion sessions in conjunction with homework assignments. Students are expected to participate in class by asking and responding to questions, relating relevant experiences, offering opinions, etc. Exams and quizzes will be given based on class lectures and discussions, reading assignments and notes.

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