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Prof. Tewani, Ivana Radivojevic Jovanovic
CHEM 1110L

This laboratory course is a co-requisite for General Chemistry – 1110. One three hour laboratory meeting per week and a total of 15 meetings per semester.

MAT1272 Statistics Spring 2022

Victor Lee
MAT1272|Spring 2022

”An introduction to statistical methods and statistical inference. Topics include: descriptive statistics, random variables, distributions, sampling, estimation and inference, t-tests, chi-square tests and […]

MAT1275CO College Algebra and Trigonometry FA2019

Sybil Shaver
MAT1275CO|Fall 2019

An intermediate and advanced algebra course. Topics include quadratic equations, systems of linear equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, and topics from trigonometry including identities, equations and […]

ENG1101 Composition 1, Sections D357 + D396, Fall 2018

ENG1101 Composition 1, Sections D357 + D396, Fall 2018

Holly Melgard
English|ENG1101|Fall 2018

English 1101: Composition I, Section D357 + D396, Fall 2018, Instructed by Holly Melgard